Digitalise your training sessions

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The need to reinvent oneself
Evolution of learning methodologies and working tools
Hybrid training: deployment of distance learning

Facilitating pre- and post-training

Distance learning is in full swing. More than ever, employees need to be supported in the development of their skills, and this does not stop with the delivery of training.   Click on the buttons below for more information!

TeamGether: the solution

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With TeamGether, it is no longer up to your learners to adapt, it is the knowledge that follows their needs and their pace, directly in your daily digital tools.

The customisation platform

Thanks to our intuitive editor, you can design and build your own learning paths. Each learner experiences his or her own path according to his or her desires and needs, for a unique employee experience. Manage the employee experience directly from our administration platform thanks to customised monitoring indicators (reading rate, quiz results, preferences, etc.). Follow their engagement and collect a maximum of feedbacks.

TeamGether, for the development of your employees' skills

Involve TeamGether during the intersessions of your trainings! How can you do this? Take an example

What EFFENCY offers you



We create your routes

• Effency delivers courses via Teams or Slack
• from £125 per month



Build your pathways

• With our admin platform create your own courses
• A multitude of offers according to your desires, your employees, your preferences