Transformation? Mobilize, Anchor, Measure.

Today, it takes 21 days to change a habit… And 70% of transformation projects fail because of the human factor.


transformation des entreprises

TeamGether, the digital solution designed for adoption

In everyday tools to capture the attention
of the employee in a work situation...

...following indicators and feedback


We have a 93% course completion rate! 🎓

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Use cases

Assimilation of a new corporate culture and values
  • Engage employees by putting the project in context

  • Customize appropriation paths

  • Disseminate best practices by combining tests, feedback and learning anchoring

  • Gather feedback on understanding and buy-in throughout your project

  • Gather suggestions for improvement

  • Remind people of good practices and encourage memory anchoring

  • Measure the level of appropriation at the end of a workshop or training course

  • Invite you to put your everyday life into practice with step-by-step tutorials

Appropriation of new work/management methods
Adoption of a new tool
  • A step-by-step guide to new software and functions, with diagrams, illustrations and videos.

  • Communicate the benefits of new functionalities in response to day-to-day challenges faced by employees

  • Refer to useful additional resources (FAQ, intranet, etc.)

  • Gather feedback on usefulness and usage in the workplace.

taux d'aigmentation de la compréhension

An 80% increase in understanding per target 🎯

TeamGether is with you every step of the way

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Our change management offers



We create your routes

Provide us with your content and scenario, and we'll set up TeamGether and create your ready-to-use microcourses.

A la carte


Build your pathways

We give you access to our intuitive editor to create your own micro-courses and distribute them to your colleagues.

On the shelf


Compose your courses

Use our 2700 courses and create your own coaching (team building, project management).

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Read the testimonial from Agnès Daoudal, Transformation Manager at Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform