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Whatever your type of team (project, operational, cross-functional…), beyond the business skills, it is the quality of interactions that generates efficiency and common well-being. Thus, without collaboration, even projects that bring together the best experts “around a table” have little chance of succeeding.

For three years, EFFENCY has joined forces with COG’X, a group of researchers in cognitive sciences, to co-construct a scientific tool for measuring the collaborative potential of work teams. Based on the work of dozens of research laboratories around the world, we have demonstrated that the proper dissemination of ideas within a group and the involvement of its members play a major role in the success of a team. As a result of this research, we have identified eight traits that are characteristic of good collective effectiveness.

Team Gether Scientific

After 5 years of research, EFFENCY offers you its scientifically approved test to evaluate the profile of your teams as well as 8 personalised digital coaching programmes to collectively increase skills in a fun way!

Our 8 key character traits

Estime de soi


Self-esteem is an individual's self-image. It influences participation in group discussion. Members of a group generally enjoy the company and ideas of individuals who have a high self-esteem, but this should not be excessive !



People with neuroticism tend to dwell on negative thoughts. This leads to feelings such as anger or anxiety. When this trait is pronounced, these people find it difficult to maintain pleasant and effective social relationships.



Self-efficiency is the ability to accurately assess one's own ability to solve problems. When working together, unforeseen events are common. They can generate stress and put a strain on lucidity.



Conscientiousness refers to an individual's ability to plan and execute the various stages of a project without deviating from it. Conscientious individuals demonstrate reliability and thoroughness when given a task.

Appartenance au groupe

Team spirit

Belonging to a group is the propensity to feel part of a team and to mobilise one's efforts for the collective success. When you feel part of a group, you turn general success into personal success, which increases your motivation to do things well.



Knowing how to assess one's skills is important when interacting with others. It is by accurately assessing our abilities that we can judge the relevance of our ideas.



Extraversion is the ease with which an individual interacts with others and communicates with the outside world. In a group, extroverted members tend to express their ideas with pleasure and actively participate in the discussion.



Agreeability refers to one's propensity to cooperate and agree with others. This trait is particularly important in social interactions and ensures cohesion.

Digital and human support


Effency offers fun coaching to help your teams improve their skills through TeamGether, our digital companion. With our 8 digital coaching programmes based on the traits that predict good collective efficiency, we support you every week with individual and group sessions, combining digital and human aspects. With our partner coaches, you can benefit from a friendly follow-up in several languages in order to meet your needs and challenges, while adapting to your corporate culture.

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Effency works with several certified partner coaches

Our certified partner coaches

EFFENCY is committed to a hybrid approach thanks to its network of partner coaches: an innovative solution that is both digital and human and that is close to your teams’ needs.

Our network is made up of professionals with RNCP International Mozaic certification or equivalent. EFFENCY has carefully selected and trained the professionals who will accompany you throughout your coaching and skills development experience (team mapping debriefing, intermediate coaching, coaching hotline and management of your global transformation…)

Each of them, with their specific experience and expertise in their field, offers you a friendly follow-up in several languages in order to meet your needs and challenges, while adapting to your corporate culture.

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